(the National Museum of American Art is now called the Smithsonian American Art Museum)

The National Museum of American Art's award-winning self-titled CD-ROM , which features 763 works of art, powerful and innovative searching and browsing tools, over 80 multimedia supplements, and a Director's Choice exhibit, in addition to the full text of five collection catalogs (for critical praise of the NMAA disc, see this New York Times Circuits article);

The CD-ROM won the MILIA D'OR for Best Art and Culture Title in 1997. For her role as Senior Producer on this project — art director, video editor, voice talent director, and designer of innovative interactive features — Nina Tovish (then New Media Producer for NMAA) was awarded a Silver Medal by the Art Director's Club of New York.

Please see the Smithsonian Art Museum's site for many screenshots and sample media files.

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